E-Bike Tours in the Wildschönau

Quick and easy with an e-bike to the high pastures. Electric bikes are perfect for these trips. Riding an e-bike is much easier and leaves you time to enjoy the fantastic scenery.


Take it easier on an E-Bike

Whereas a certain fitness level is required for cycling, e-bikes make even longer tours much easier and stress-free. Get away from it all and listen to the birds singing and the brook babbling, smell the flowers and wild herbs in the hedgerows. The journey is the in itself the reward.

Hotel E-Bikes

Our hotel e-bikes are at your disposal.


Tips for tours

There are many lovely routes in the region ideal for e-bikes. Ask at reception we are happy to help you plan your tour.


E-Bike touren with the Wildschönau Mountainbike School

The Wildschönau Mountainbike School offers courses and guided tours.
To quote owner Rainer Schoner on his website:

E-bikes are revolutionising the mountainbike sport. With an e – mountainbike, the ascent to a favourite hut or peak is possible for everyone; seniors, sport novices or even those recovering from illness or injury can „get back in the saddle“ and enjoy increasing fitness and well-being.

For e-bikers riding downhill can be a challenge because of the weight of the bike. Steep descents and gravel roads cause the most problems and bikers can quickly lose control. I offer a specially designed course to correct just this problem. With the right technique even the steepest routes needn’t spoil your fun.

In my Wildschönau Mountain Bike School I guarantee 100% fun and adventure, with ‚E‘ or without, uphill or down!
Contact me for a guided e-mountainbike tour or technique training.