Mountainbiking holiday in the Wildschönau Valley

The Wildschönau is an insider tipp for cool mountainbike tours. Gentle mountainsides, thrilling descents and all the rustig huts dotted aound the mountains guarantee an unforgettable adventure .


Biking in the Mountains

There are many wonderful mountainbike tours in the Wildschönau Valley. Talk to your hosts about the best ones. We enjoy cycling ourselves and are glad to pass on our local knowledge.



Hotel bikes

Those guests who are travelling without their own bike or who wish to try cycling on holiday can borrow the hotel's own bikes.



Bike map

A bike map is available at the Tourist Office.


Wildschönau Mountainbike School

The Wiildschönau Mountainbike school offers course for all ages, for beginners and experience mountainbikers. The owner Rainer Schoner is quoted on his website: Since I was a child I have loved being in the open air, in the mountains and in the  peace and quiet. I am always looking for the next adventure, on foot, on skis or on my mountainbike (Mountainbike Schule Wildschönau Tirol).

In particular mountainbiking had a profound effect on me. During the summer months I love the freedom found in remote corners of the region. I’ve become passionate about discovering something new on every single tour; a breathtaking view, a wild animal, a quaint mountain hut or testing an undiscovered flowing trail.

The kick is also being able to conquer every trail, to master each hurdle and getting an adrenalin high before savouring the sense of happiness and achievement at a quaint mountain hut afterwards.

Every mountainbiker from every aspect of the sport; the tour biker, the collector of altitude metres, the cross country biker, the downhill biker, children or e-bikers can all come along with me to find that sense of peace, unspoiled nature, flowing trails and the adventure and fun of this outdoor sport.

An increasing number of mountainbikers need the thrill of the descent. More and more trails with technically difficult passages have to be conquered – all without getting off the bike. The problems start when bikers don’t possess the necessary skills.

My reputation as a bit of a technique freak means that I, as a trainer am a perfectionist in biking technique.

I always try to use the correct method even on the most demanding stretches. It is my aim to pass on this knowledge to my course participants so that they can benefit from it on their own rides.